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London Film Festival 2021 (video): ‘7 Days’ – The power of comedy during covid: Roshan Sethi and Karan Soni about their unusual romcom…

Film goes to heart of dilemma for young people looking to find romantic partners from a similar cultural background but living in the West…

TWO stars and they certainly will be – Roshan Sethi and Karan Soni – talked to about their film screening at the 65th London Film Festival (October 6-17).

We spoke to writer Roshan Sethi who co-wrote the script with Karan Soni, who is one of the two stars in this film. Soni plays Ravi, while Rita is essayed by Geraldine Vishwanathan, who was not in London.

This is Sethi’s first film as a director – he has written many scripts – several have been optioned but this is his first that has been produced. The two talk about how they came upon the characters, the writing process and the reaction when it premiered in the US earlier this year and how dating cultures in the UK and US may differ among diaspora South Asian communities.

Watch this and you will see the se are two big stars in the making – both have exciting projects in the works…watch. Will there be a sequel be a ‘7 Days 2’ ?

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture