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Cannes 2023 – Anurag Kashyap director and Rahul Bhat, actor chew the gristle on world premiere, ‘Kennedy’ (video)

Two sat down in Cannes ahead of their Midnight Screening to talk about their film which is the xecond to feature on the Croisette since ‘Ugly’ (2013)

JUST OVER a day ago (May 23/24), Anurag Kashyap. Rahul Bhatt walked the red carpet for their film, ‘Kennedy’ which enjoyed an official Midnight Screening on May 24/25 at the Grand Theatre Lumiere, Palais des Festivals in the centre of Cannes – and where all the red carpets take place.
Just a few hours before this, the duo writer-director, and lead actor respectively, sat down with editor Sailesh Ram to talk about the film, ‘Kennedy’.
Produced by Zee Studios, this is a stylish noir fiction (somewhat based loosely on real events) and centred around the character of Kennedy, played with almost cold indifference by a superb Rahul Bhat.
Kennedy is an ex- Mumbai cop on his own mission of Redemption – or so he wants to believe. At one level, it is debatable.
Stylish, if typically and sometimes comically, violent (for Kashyap), this is Kashyap slaying familiar demons: corruption, politics, connections, power and money, all in one full and uncompromising swoop.
In addition to Kashyap and Bhatt, we also spoke to the leading lady of the film, Sunny Leone – who plays the femme fatale character of Charlie. That video interview is here
Kashyap and Bhat discuss the central character, his motivations and Kashyap’s film casting choices.
Please note that in the official Cannes Film Festival 2023 film notes, Bhat is the correct spelling, though different here and in other parts of the media.
Read more including a full page review of Kennedy here –

Video and pictures of Kennedy talent at Festival de Cannes –

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Camera/editing: Natalie Barrass
Music (opening): Anuj Deo

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture