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Sunny Grewal’s October film watch

Sunny Grewal’s October film watch

October 20 2014

Apologies – there were some gremlins but normal service is now being resumed…

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Hello, welcome back. Great to have your company here…so what do you need to see this month?

(Ed: it was Sunny’s birthday this month – what film did he see to celebrate, see below…)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – There are quite a few trailers out there on the internet. I would definitely advise you guys, not to watch the latest, it tells you a bit more than you need to know. All you need to know is that Shredder is there and he looks bad-ass, in fact, all the teenage mutant turtles look like they can do damage…if you’re an adult of my age you would know these guys and you want to know what they have done since – whether they have ruined your childhood or improved upon it.
From the trailer, it looks ‘Hello’ – like a ‘Transformer’ movie with the Michael Bay (ed: his production company, Platinum Dunes is behind the film and he is credited as producer) look and I am a fan of his films, it’s not an accident that his films are blockbusters, he spends the money on the screen, those films may be rubbish but your eyes get a feast…
Trailer rating: 3 (all out of five)

The Judge” – Robert Downey Jr – one of my favourite actors, is with another one of my fav actors in this and one who made a big impact on my life with “The Godfather”, it is Robert Duvall. The trailer tells it all…it is the classic father and son – against each other or not against each other – and trying to communicate with each other. It’s one of those dramas where the performances have to carry the film and so far the trailer has given me enough to say we are in good hands.
Trailer rating: 2 hands

Fury” – Brad Pitt is back on the big screen – and from the trailer, you can see it is set in World War 2, and this is one tank that has to hold back a fleet coming towards them and it is told from the point of view of one man and this is the kind of hero storytelling I am a fan of – I am definitely going to watch this film, I’d be surprised if I didn’t like this film. Very surprised! There is just one squadron standing, and they have the attitude, ‘we are going to die today, but die fighting!’ They have accepted death, but one character has not. It looks like it is one of those films that is going to be nominated for an Oscar.
Trailer rating: 5 tanks.

The films I recommended you saw last month, here are my ratings…

The Equalizer” – I saw it on my birthday! (October 1). It is basically a film that intrigued me from the time of the trailer – I gave it 5/5 from the trailer, only because Denzel Washington, whom I love to see on the big screen, is in it. It was a big TV series, of which I was a fan. The only thing this film has in common with TV series is the name, nothing else corresponds with the TV series, but then I do believe this could be the start of a continual sequel and I really hope it does, I really like the characters and Denzel Washington was amazing – the story isn’t that far-fetched – you could follow it with your eyes shut, but the action sequences were a bit too closely shot for my liking.The cameras should have been a bit further back but I understand they have got themselves time to develop the characters. If they had moved back a bit with the camera in the visual way that I like – as in “Raid 2”, it would be brilliant. It was a really good film and I really enjoyed it and I want Denzel Washington to revisit it. Give 5/5 and not just because I saw it on my b’day!
Sunny film rating: 5 (out of five)

The Boxtrolls” – A brilliant little animated film – a cross between animation and CGI. I love this sort of movie, it’s got a beautiful feel to it. This kid has been taken in by the boxtrolls and thinks he is a boxtroll – it’s sort of a love story, one of those films where you will not be disappointed by the special effects, the story is quite heart-warming, and it’s not too Disney. It is definitely a family film and definitely one for the kids, you will not be disappointed if you put this on and left it on for them to watch. Visually I was overwhelmed, it’s the right kind of animation with the right kind of story behind the animation.
Sunny film rating: 5

A Walk Among The Tombstones” – From the trailer it’s explained, it has a lot of twists and turns and trailer says it all, so I don’t want to say any more. Liam Neeson is doing a major job again, he’s amazing – he’s become a major action hero late in life and it really works for me, it is such a well done film and the character of Ray (David Harbour) is someone on a par with Matthew Scudder (Neeson). It is one of those films set in New York, very atmospheric – a thriller, an x-cop, fighting with morals of right and wrong and how much he gives away. It’s rough, gritty, not polished – this could happen, it’s a good watch.
Sunny film rating: 2.5 bullets.

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See you all next month. God Bless.


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Written by Asian Culture Vulture


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