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Ranbir Kapoor interview ‘Jagga Jasoos’…

Ranbir Kapoor interview ‘Jagga Jasoos’…

Ranbir Kapoor interview Jagga Jasoos

Who is excited about this film releasing today? We were able to speak to the Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor about 'Jagga Jasoos' via a video link-up between London and Mumbai…it didn't go as smoothly as intended, and coupled with the continuity issues, we have had to edit a little more abruptly than we might usually do…and the sound of the interviewer was lost (in places) and we've had to use subtitles…Interesting concept behind the film and never done before in Bollywood, an action adventure that all the family can watch, and perhaps inspired by the animation movies coming out of Hollywood…where both adults and children enjoy the same film but get slightly different things from it… there was a lot of talk about Ranbir's character being based on #Tintin with his distinctive hairdo…Ranbir Kapoor was in good form, and good spirits, talks a good game and was very gracious…if you're interested in the dynamics of him having to work with Katrina Kaif, his ex-girlfriend, he alludes to it when asked about the publicity strategy – the former couple did a lot of publicity together and at times were quite frank…but sadly while she was supposed to be at this too…it was perhaps one afternoon/evening too far…So, let's see how the film does here in the UK and India of course, a lot of Ranbir and Katrina fans are very excited! .#RanbirKapoor #JaggaJasoos

Posted by on Thursday, 13 July 2017

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture