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Manchester International Festival 2021: Rashid Rana’s ‘Eart’ – A Manifesto of Possibilities… (video)

Global artist is pushing boundaries both in terms of form and content… on display now at Machnester International Festival 2021 (July 1-18)…

RASHID RANA is one of the most enterprising and creative visual artists working on the global stage today.
His latest new and original work is ‘Eart’ for Manchester International Festival (July 1-18) – a concept which he continues to develop and explore.
Part of ‘Eart’ is a shop – an actual shop where you can buy local produce.
Rana is currently in Lahore and was unable to travel to Manchester – in fact the whole installation – the shop and the exhibition relating to Eart was done through technology and under producer Shanaz Gulzar’s and Rana’s own personal instructions and directions.
Gulzar explains this to Suman Bhuchar, acv Associate Editor, and discusses the concepts behind Eart.
Rana himself told acv what he means by Eart.
See here –

Production credits
A Big Talent Media Production for
Presenter/Producer: Suman Bhuchar (
Camera/Editing: Michael Tsim (

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture