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‘Indian Summers’ 2016 Review/catch-Up Episode 8: The not so great escape

‘Indian Summers’ 2016 Review/catch-Up Episode 8: The not so great escape

May 5 2016

As we move to what will be a series finale*, tensions are again rising and are almost unbearable to witness – and that’s not simply because Ralph had loaned his wife to the Maharajah who is definitely not playing cricket…


By Tasha Mathur

FANS have been left on the very edge of their sofas, following an episode of broken hearts, dreams, promises and fingers…

NO, please don’t end it there! We have to know what happens to Alice (Jemima West) and Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) and we must know now.

Our hearts really can’t take much more of this and we certainly can’t bear to wait another week after being left with a whopping cliff hanger.

Charlie (Blake Ritson) much reviled for his insidious ways with wife Alice (Jemima West, pictured above) and caught her and Aafrin (Nikesh Patel, pictured above too) trying to elope

But let’s face it – Alice’s plan to escape with Aafrin was doomed from the minute she stole the Maharajah’s necklace (a little gift for Madeline {Olivia Grant} for her acquiescence to the wife swapping antics) to fund the ill-fated trip.

Not only was she clueless about any of the details of her arrangement but was quickly caught out by Cynthia (Julie Walters) and forced to reveal her plan to Madeleine after carelessly leaving her money on show.

And Alice wasn’t the only confused one as Aafrin re-pledged his allegiance to the Crown and Ralph, while plotting to run away with his sister and emphatically insisted to his father, “I’m still here” – just a day before leaving. True to form, Cynthia takes matters into her own hands by arranging The Great Escape – but this time, we breathe a sigh of relief at her nosy nature.

But no matter how hard we willed this plan to be a success, Charlie (Blake Ritson) was having none of it as he catches them at the last minute. We dread to think what he’ll do next…will Alice and Aafrin survive his boiling rage?

Meanwhile, fans wept for Ian’s (Alexander Cobb-Webb) broken heart as Sooni (Aysha Kala) brutally friend zones him after choosing Mr. Khan (Tanmay Dhanania).

But our true hero of the show must have his happy ending! And he might just get it in the form of justice for Ramu Sood (Alyy Khan) after he bumps into Bhupi (Ash Nair) and his guilty conscience at killing Ralph’s on the side (pre-marriage) squeeze, Jaya (Hasina Haque).

Ralph (Henry-Lloyd Hughes) and his extremely loyal wife Madeline (Olivia Grant)

After months of campaigning for justice for Ramu Sood’s misguided hanging for the murder, it’s a small victory for Ian – better than nothing hey?

However, Sooni didn’t have much time to dwell on breaking Ian’s heart as her parents were next.

Unlike her shady brother, she immediately confessed her love for Mr. Khan – a Muslim. As expected, Sooni’s parents vehemently object to the relationship as he’s not a Parsi and we’re sure the arrival of the Eyebrow Man isn’t helping matters.
What’s a girl to do??

From one tormented woman to another, we see Madeleine discover that her romp with the Maharajah (Art Malik) didn’t do Ralph any favours as he doesn’t receive support for his India Bill.

Did they expect anything else from the womanising Maharajah? Looks like Ralph’s dream of becoming Viceroy is slowly slipping away – along with his house, sister and possibly Madeleine.

Ian (Alexander Cobb) has been jilted by the passionate Sooni (Aysha Kala) and was seen drinking himself into a stupor

With only two more episodes to go and Channel 4 not recommissioning another series, we can’t help but wonder how much of an ending we’re going to get.

One thing is for sure – the fans’ reaction after this week’s episode highlights the popularity of the show with many devastated and outraged that there will be no more. Time to rethink, Channel 4?

Hero of the episode: An unexpected heroine this week in the form of the seemingly meek Sumitra (Anitha Abdul Halim) who faces Charlie’s wrath in order to help Alice escape. In fact, we’re slightly hating on Alice for leaving Sumitra to have her bones broken by evil Charlie. Honorary mention to Cynthia for helping Alice escape as well – there is a heart in there somewhere.

Villain:: And Charlie bags the title for a second time this series as he breaks Sumitra’s fingers and locks Aafrin up. Not to mention forcing Alice to beg for money to buy Percy a birthday present and telling Ralph to sell Chotipool after owing four lakhs of rupees (about £4,000 in today’s money, considerably more then) to his bank. He’s a villain to all and absolutely loves it!

Best scene: Although our heart breaks for Ian, there is something endearing about Mr. Khan’s love for Sooni, particularly through his diplomatic reaction to tasting her food for the first time. Looking like they were about to have their first lovers tiff, the two seemed like a married couple already! Although how Sooni could accept Mr. Khan’s marriage proposal after just finding out his first name, we’ll never know…

Quote: Hearing Mr. Khan being called a “sneaky ink-stained Lothario” by Ian really was the highlight of this episode.
Especially after Ian exclaims, “You’re a journalist – you work with words. Is that honestly the best you can come up with??” in reply to Mr. Khan’s particularly weak, “You will love again – you wait and see.” Plenty more fish eh, Mr. Khan? Deliciously awkward.

Storyline to watch: Sunday’s episode left us on such a cliff hanger that we can’t think of anything else but Alice and Aafrin’s fate! We expected more of a punch up from Charlie but perhaps he has a more manipulative scheme up under those leather gloves? Will Charlie reveal Aafrin and Alice’s affair to Ralph or just leave Aafrin to rot in that room forever?

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Indian Summers continues every Sunday on Channel 4, 9pm (UK only).
Catch-up (UK only)

Some fans expressed their dismay and annoyance with Channel 4 for its decision to axe Series 3. See story.







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