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Indian Summers 2016 episode 5 review – Plate shattering and earth-shaking (not just Aafrin’s glutes)

Indian Summers 2016 episode 5 review – Plate shattering and earth-shaking (not just Aafrin’s glutes)

April 12 2016

Perhaps the most tumultuous edition of this year, with one revelation that trumps almost everything else that has come before it…

By Tasha Mathur

WELL, well, well…where to begin?? This week’s episode took us through a rollercoaster of emotions and we don’t know how much more of this we can take!

We experienced anger, despair, disgust, sympathy, dread and much more in this jaw-dropping hour which began with an earthquake… a real one, but no one was seriously hurt in Simla with the epicentre 500 miles away in Quetta (modern day Pakistan).

Let’s start with shocking moment number one – Alice (Jemima West) having a smashing good time by thwacking a plate over Charlie’s (Blake Ritson) head. And just when we’d given up all hope in her standing up for herself. While we applauded her for this act of defiance, we can’t help but dread the inevitable onslaught of Charlie’s wrath.

Even though it seemed like Alice got away with it this time (although we genuinely thought he would KILL her)…we have no doubt that Charlie will get his revenge in some form eventually. Nevertheless, Alice seems almost serene against his manipulative power – it must be the Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) effect.

Alice (Jemima West) and Charlie (Blake Ritson) are in an abusive marriage:

But while we all cheered for the couple’s secret affair, Aafrin’s Dad, Baapi (Roshan Seth) turned the mental screws on his son after finding a portrait of Alice by Aafrin’s own talented hands.

Cue the mental torment raging through Aafrin (to say nothing of his hormones) as he grapples between equally working for and against the British but simultaneously falling in love with one of them and refusing to give her up. Confused much? We think you should be. Just as much as Aafrin is, obviously.

Shocking moment number two – let’s not get all Victorian about it….Cynthia’s *ahem* handiwork with Hawthorne (James Fleet) was perhaps not so much shocking as it was disturbing.

This woman will do absolutely anything for her Ralphie (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and we finally found out why as Ralph’s desire to protect Adam (Dillon Mitra) – *cough* his own reputation – re-surfaces old doubts about his father.

Is the pressure getting to Aafrin(Nikesh Patel) as he plays double agent and professes to love Alice

This leads to shocking moment number three – yet another whack but this time between Ralph and his STEP-MOTHER Cynthia?! Yes, halfway through series two…we finally know the truth behind Cynthia’s obsession with Ralphie; he his her late husband Reggie’s son. We know Cynthia deserves a lot more than one slap for hiding this, but where did that come from?? Looks like Charlie is rubbing off on Ralph…

As if that wasn’t enough for our poor hearts, Naresh Banerjee (Arjun Mathur) is so alive that he’s reciting Bengali poetry now. Not a huge twist but something else to bring back into the mix.

Hero of the episode: A quiet hero this week in the form of Madeleine (Olivia Grant). Not only did she help keep her hubby’s illegitimate son protected but she covers for Alice when she comes running in from another torrid night with Aafrin. And that white jumpsuit…wow.

Villain of the episode: A hero one week, a villain the next…Ralph Whelan. No-one really noticed the huge part he has to play in Leena’s (Amber Rose Revah) imprisonment. Yes he’s saving Adam but he now has to live with this guilt forever. Could this end in another Bhupi (Ash Nair) fiasco? If you remember from series 1, Bhupi bumped off a local Indian woman who was Ralph’s bit on the side – though he wasn’t married then.

Quote of the episode: Too many to choose from! Cynthia referring to the Viceroy as ‘old rigor mortis?’ Referring to Ian’s ‘pointless wives and unspeakable hygiene’? ‘Gobble, gobble, gobble’? Either way, Cynthia wins.

Best scene: We can’t decide if this was the best scene or worst scene but Cynthia’s hand action with Hawthorne certainly got the fans talking! It was one of those ‘I can’t look but can’t help look’ moments. But our poor eyes!

Storyline to watch: Charlie’s subtle ‘for now’ quip when Ralph insists this is his house sounds ominous. Let’s not forget that Ralph has borrowed money from him. Is there a plan to take over Chotipool?

Top picture: A Touching moment between Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and his son out of wedlock Adam (Dillon Mitra)

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