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Indian Summers 2016: Episode 2 review – It all ends with a bang!

Indian Summers 2016: Episode 2 review – It all ends with a bang!

March 21 2016

It might only be 1935, but this lot don’t need anything like Tinder to get it on…

*Major spoiler alert (at end, last paragraph)

By Tasha Mathur

YET again, we find Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) constantly tempted to follow the wrong path as he finds himself in one sticky situation after the other.

First, we have Kaira Das (Sughandha Garg), who tries to persuade him to let Naresh Banerjee (Arjun Mathur) die after he has been shot and wounded, escaping a police man hunt. Next, we have Naresh himself threaten Aafrin and his family in order to get information about who dobbed him into the authorities.

And guess who’s back? None other than missionary school teacher and former Dougie lover, Leena Prasad (Amber Rose Revah). We don’t know where she’s been, but her meeting with Dougie (Craig Parkinson) and Sarah (Fiona Glascott) was a juicy encounter as Dougie longingly gazes at Leena, while Sarah gloats about their baby bump.

Cynthia (Julie Walters) and Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) engage in some serious 'crotch-grabbing action'

However, it’s Ralph’s (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) story that’s holding my attention. Not only does he have to deal with some serious competition for Viceroy in the form of the brash Lord Hawthorne (James Fleet) – yes, I grudgingly admit that Cynthia (Julie Walters) was right but also confirms to Madeleine (Oliva Grant) that Adam (Shachin Sailesh Kumar) is his son. In a heart-warming scene, we see Ralph share a tender moment with his son as Alice (Jemima West) encourages him – but let’s not forget that he is still the houseboy and Ralph must remind him not to refer to him as ‘father’. Harsh.

This episode was full of further awkward moments. Kaira telling Aafrin she loves him while he responds with a smile. Awks. Madeleine explaining Charlie’s comparison of Cynthia to a charwoman. Ouch. Leena being forced to courtesy in front of everyone. Uncomfortable. But best of all was the unarranged (yet totally arranged) marriage scenario that Sooni (Aysha Kala) finds herself in – a scene that we are all too familiar with.

Despite all of this to keep up with, we were still left with a shock explosive (literally) ending with Naresh shooting Kaira squarely in the head. Having found out that she was the one who ratted him out, there was really no other way this could end. But how will Aafrin deal with this and we can’t help but wonder if he’s next…??

Quote of the episode: “And off I go…running like the mutton” – Oh Cynthia…only you. What would Indian Summers be without a touch of the old Delhi Belly?

Hero of the episode: I have to admit…I slightly fell in love with Ralph Whelan this week. You can’t help but ‘aww’ as he shared a coffee with his son. He’s a big softie really. Not to mention the way he’s fighting Lord Hawthorne for Viceroy. No backing down now Ralph.

Villain of the episode: So many to choose from! Havistock (Blake Ritson), Cynthia and Naresh. Safe to say that shooting someone in the head wins it. Not to mention he threatened to hurt Aafrin’s Dad. NOBODY touches ‘Baapi’.

Best scene: If a crotch grab between Cynthia and Ralph doesn’t make top spot then I don’t know what will. P.S. There’s something about THAT balcony. First Aafrin and Alice’s kiss and now some ball action. More to come?

Storyline to watch: Alice and Charlie’s relationship is already becoming agonising to watch. As Charlie continues to treat Alice as his own puppet, the desire to see him punched squarely in the face is ever increasing. Add the fact that Ralph has now borrowed money from him…I don’t see Charlie going anywhere anytime soon. Come on Aafrin. Do the right thing.

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Picture: Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) and Naresh (Arjun Mathur)

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