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Colors TV Channel – UK-based soap could be next…

Colors TV Channel – UK-based soap could be next…

August 28 2016

In India, it is one of the mainstays of television output, and a TV exec told us they want to make a programme from here…

ONE OF INDIA’S most powerful TV executives has told his channel is looking at creating home-grown drama for its UK audience.

Raj Nayak (pictured above left), CEO of Colors TV, one of India’s newest and biggest TV channels, made the revelation, as he and other TV executives, and Bollywood star, and now TV producer, Anil Kapoor, were all in London to promote “24” – the Indian version of the hit US TV series, in the UK.

IN MANY ways, '24' is a game changer for Indian TV and Bollywood star Anil Kapoor, above, can take credit for it.
After bagging a part in the original US TV series alongside Kiefer Sutherland, he said he was impressed and excited.
'I couldn’t’ put the scripts down. I wanted to take it to India,” he told a press conference to promote Series 2 in the UK.
Not only is it hugely expensive by Indian standards, costing millions to make – the rights alone are reported to have cost £15 million but in terms of production values it is also huge, bringing a slick Bollywood style to Indian TV.
Kapoor added: 'There’s a lot more emotion now'.
Each episode he revealed takes around eight days to film and he said he was again inspired by his experience on the original '24'.
“It was like a film only, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was a smaller affair, that was an independent film.”
The series 2 Indian version picks up with Jai Singh Rathore (Kapoor) nursing family troubles. His wife has passed away, and he is involved with a new woman much to this displeasure of his two grown-up kids. He is also mysteriously trying to seek leniency for the criminal he spent series 1 catching and getting the death penalty for…
The series continues…check listings until November - see links below

In a one-to-one interview in London with, Nayak said: “One of things we’ve been wanting to do for some time and not got around to doing is try and get some (drama) content locally.

“It’s about investment, and more than getting the right story, is getting the right content.

“There are so many stories out there – the dichotomy between the first and second generation – and somebody needs to tell these stories – and who better than a channel from India?”

He said for one reason or another the channel hadn’t been able to progress what has been an idea for a while.

“Some things you want to do, some things you have to do and some things take time,” he explained.

He said Colors has experience of making radical dramas and challenging social conventions. In India, it is currently broadcasting “Shakti” a drama serial, where the central protagonist is a transgender character.

“You have to keep pushing the envelope and as a responsible broadcaster, I think it’s not just about entertainment, you have to entertain with a purpose, nobody can be more influential than you in socially educating the masses.

“We believe we play that role quite effectively in India without losing focus on either the entertainment quotient or the bottom line.”

The channel likes to see itself in some ways as an interlocutor between East & West and began broadcasting outside India first. It was created in 2008.

“I don’t think there is any channel which has such varied content in the Hindi channel space,” Nayak argued. “We do lots of international formats and we are an Indian international channel.”

Colors is probably best known in the UK for broadcasting “Big Boss”, India’s version of “Big Brother” with Bollywood megastar Salman Khan fronting the show.

Season 10 is set to start in mid-October and for the first time ordinary folks will feature.

In previous editions, it was only celebrities who appeared. The channel has trawled far and wide and there could be contestants from outside India, though their Hindi will be tested.

Among many other TV channels in India (there are estimated to be around 850), the channel has done well in taking western format shows and adapting them very successfully for an Indian market.

The channel has also enjoyed huge success with “Dancing with the Stars”, India’s version of “Strictly Come Dancing”.

Nayak said the group is also looking at expanding its offerings in the UK, as well Colors, it also broadcasts Rishtey, which shows many popular Hindi soaps.

His company is scheduled to launch a new movie channel, Cineplex, on September 29.

Arun Gandhi, CEO of IndiaCast, a related concern, who also travelled to London with Nayak, said Colors is looking at ways of making it easier for people to access its myriad offerings digitally – including making local news content available to anyone anywhere.

Colors belongs to Viacom 18, which in turn, is a joint venture between Viacom, a US media giant, and Network 18, an Indian media concern. It also broadcasts MTV India and Comedy Central, in India, among many others.

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