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Cannes 2024 – Follow our coverage – new video and music 2024 celebrating 10 years!

Cannes 2024 – Follow our coverage  – new video and music 2024 celebrating 10 years!

THERE are just four days to go until the Cannes Film Festival starts on May 14 (Tuesday) and we here at are already busy setting up interviews for what will be the official 77th edition.
We will be covering the whole festival from May 14-25.
We are also unveiling our music to go with all our Cannes videos this year! It is specially commissioned and made by composer Anuj Deo.
Anuj told us: “The inspiration for it is the glamour and energy of Cannes – I was visualising the warm sunny beaches, the flash bulbs popping, the fashion, the films and the waves lapping the shoreline. It’s a unique mix – just like the festival itself!”
We liked it so much that we have made it our 10 year anniversary theme track – we love its energy and feelgood vibes too – and we like to think it’s a great welcome to join the bird on our all journeys!
We’ve been covering the festival for a few years now – and will celebrate 10 years in 2025 – say hello to us in Cannes in 2024 – get in touch! (See below)

These our stories to date on Cannes 2024 (prior to latest)

Last year we were these we did a bunch of interviews – see

And watch our wrap as Brigitte Leloire Kerackian and editor Sailesh Ram discuss the best of 2023, the personal highpoints and a few things in between…

And in 2020 when the festival was cancelled because of the pandemic, we brought together all the presenters who have been with us to talk about their experiences at the festival…

Yes, we used to routinely interview the L’Oréal ambassadors – star Bollywood names – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (3 times), Sonam Kapoor (3), Deepika Padukone (1) and Mahira Khan (1) – but after 2017, L’Oréal changed its media strategy, doing its own shows and started to restrict access – in the early years, we filmed these interviews either at the top of the Martinez Hotel on its terrace or in the L’Oréal studio on the beach opposite the Martinez Hotel – which now belongs to the hotel and isn’t used for their interviews. The very final shot in our 2024 promo clip is from there! Memorably Mahira Khan in 2018 was shot there in daylight, while Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was done in 4K the evening and followed this – celebrating 15 years of Devdas – ‘They are all in love with you’ about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (non professional, mind)

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture