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A compelling voice – singer Sona Mohapatra on MeToo, the Indian music industry and calling people out – all in new documentary

SINGER Sona Mohapatra opens up about her career and the controversies that have dogged her and now covered in a revealing, first-person big screen documentary called – ‘Shut Up Sona’.
She talks about MeToo and the state of the current Indian music industry – calling it a Boy’s Club and criticises it for not being interested in developing talent and supporting new artists.
But she does believe India is changing and audiences are discovering new talent – listen to what she has to say about that…
As well as how she broke through…
The documentary will screen at the BFI Southbank on September 19 as part of the London Indian Film Festival’s physical screening programme September 17-20 in London and Birmingham.
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Written by Asian Culture Vulture